How the Gospel Frees Us to Love Our Gay Friends

Without Losing the Truth

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“I can’t imagine any Christian not being helped by this book. . . . If you are looking for a resource that will help you think about the issue of homosexuality with unflinching truth and with sincere grace, this is a great place to start.”

—from the Foreword by KEVIN DEYOUNG, author of Crazy Busy

“Compassion Without Compromise seeks to be candid help on a difficult topic: the complex variations of modern sexual brokenness. You may cheer one page and jeer another. But, having heard the mind of two pastors who wrestle honestly with sexual issues every day, at least you will find help to make up your own mind.”

—DR. TODD HUNTER, Anglican bishop, pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, and author of Our Favorite Sins

“This book delivers exactly what the title states, ‘compassion without compromise,’ which is specifically what is needed today. . . . I am thankful for Adam and Ron’s heart, tone, and sound interpretation of the Scriptures.”

—DAN KIMBALL, author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church

“Both the church and culture are being ripped apart by the homosexuality issue. Adam and Ron have given us a most important discussion of the issue that is biblical, personal, and practical. I know of no other work that encompasses all three approaches.”

—CHARLES SIMPSON, pastor, motivational speaker, and author, Straight Answers to 21 Honest Questions about Prayer

“These pastors/authors equip us to love persons with same-sex attraction well. Born of life in the real world, their efforts are profound yet conveyed with a light touch that makes a tough subject an enjoyable read.”

—ANDREW COMISKEY, founder/executive director, Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries

 “The authors ask, ‘How can we be a compassionate, uncompromising witness in a culture that celebrates what the Bible censors?’ And the answer they provide is as practical as it is compassionate and uncompromising.”

—DR. SAMUEL LOGAN, international director, The World Reformed Fellowship



“At last someone has written a book like Compassion Without Compromise! Barr and Citlau have managed to be biblically and theologically faithful, culturally astute, pastorally sensitive, and fun to read—all in just 160 pages.”

—BEN PATTERSON, campus pastor, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California



“With conviction and grace the authors articulate biblical teaching about the sinfulness of homosexuality. They also provide wise, loving, and practical guidelines that are profoundly useful as the church engages people in need of the light of Christ on this issue. I hope you will read the book and make it available to many in your church.”

—HEATH LAMBERT, associate professor of biblical counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Raw, honest, grace-filled, and boldly biblical, Compassion Without Compromise addresses the questions all of us are asking. If you want to talk with, walk with, and help family and friends who deal with same-sex attraction, this book provides all you need to get started.”

—KEVIN HARNEY, author of Empowered by His Presence and the ORGANIC OUTREACH series, lead pastor of Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, California

“I know Ron and Adam well and know firsthand that the title of this book matches who they are as disciples of Christ. I can also attest to their ability to address this hot topic with the warm grace of Christ. Christians, pastors, church leaders, and same-sex attracted persons . . . this is a must-read!”

—BOB BOUWER, senior pastor, Faith Church, Dyer, Indiana



“Pastors Barr and Citlau weave Scripture, theology, and personal experience to explain why homosexual practice doesn’t deliver on its promise, and they give practical, compassionate counsel for dealing with the hard, personal conundrums that each of us face.”

—MIKE WITTMER, professor of systematic theology, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary/Cornerstone University



“In this timely book, Barr and Citlau offer down-to-earth advice to Christians who seek to celebrate God’s intended plan for marriage, while extending compassion and hope to people trapped in homosexual lifestyles. Their proposal is filled with courage, conviction, common sense, and confidence in the power of God’s gospel.”

—SCOTT M. MANETSCH, professor of church history, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School



“Adam and Ron have given a gift to Christians and the church. This book will help you stay faithful to the truth of Scripture while loving people in your life who struggle with same-sex attraction. After you read this book, you will find yourself telling others about it because of the hope and value you will draw from the wisdom contained in its pages.”

—SHERRY HARNEY, author of Organic Outreach for Families and director of strategic leadership development at Shoreline Community Church